HyStor Project

…is focusing on the development of hydrogen permeation limitation through polymers wall based on an application of oxide sol-gel coatings on HDPE polymer as commonly used for gas storage system.

Hydrogen storage has become a dominant issue in the emerging green economy, with the promise of a long-term hydrogen-powered economy based upon cheap and efficient hydrogen production driven by renewable energy sources.


However, hydrogen technology faces several technical limitations before it becomes a primary fuel option in such areas as hydrogen-powered emission-free vehicles.

One of the major technical hurdles is that of hydrogen permeation of storage vessel walls, due to its low molecular weight and chemical properties.

Silica Oxide technology is rapidly becoming a promising technology with respect to storage vessel coatings that can reduce permeation losses, as well as an efficient fuel-loading matrix in its own right.

Under the Project the system for application, stabilization and defects detection in new-obtained coatings will be established to make proposed solution the most comprehensive and reliable. Progress in this field will accelerate the successful uptake of hydrogen fuel as a cheap, safe, and efficient energy source for autonomous emission-free transport.

This is an essential if the objectives of the Kyoto Protocol on the reduction of greenhouse emissions are to be met by 2030. Moreover, the Project deliverables are in line with the European Green Deal strategy, A hydrogen strategy for a climate-neutral Europe published on July 8 this year, and with the Sustainable and Smart Mobility Strategy (Brussels, 9.12.2020, COM(2020) 789 final), which defines the main objectives of Hydrogen strategy until 2050.

HyStor Project